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G.Skill Zeta R5 Neo ECC 128GB DDR5-6000 Quad-Kit F5-6000R3036G32GQ4-ZR5NK

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Memory Type DDR5
Capacity 128GB (32GBx4)
Multi-Channel Kit Quad Channel Kit
Tested Speed (XMP/EXPO) 6000 MT/s
Tested Latency (XMP/EXPO) 30-36-36-96
Tested Voltage (XMP/EXPO) 1.40V
Registered/Unbuffered Registered
Error Checking (ECC) Side-Band ECC + On-Die ECC
SPD Speed (Default) 4800 MT/s
SPD Voltage (Default) 1.10V
Fan Included No
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Features AMD EXPO Profile Ready
Additional Notes
Do not mix memory kits. Memory kits are sold in matched kits that are designed to run together as a set. Mixing memory kits will result in stability issues or system failure.
Prior to enabling EXPO, memory kits will boot at default BIOS settings with compatible hardware.
For memory kits with EXPO, enable EXPO profile in BIOS to reach the rated potential EXPO overclock speed of the memory kit, subject to the use of compatible hardware.
Reaching the rated EXPO overclock speed and system stability will depend on the compatibility and capability of the motherboard and CPU used.
Recommended usage with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 7000 series processors and AMD WRX50 chipset motherboards with 4-channel memory support.
This memory product is a DDR5 R-DIMM memory kit, and is not compatible with systems or platforms with U-DIMM memory.
Usage in any manner inconsistent with manufacturer specifications, warnings, designs, or recommendations will result in lower speeds, system instability, or damage to the system or its components.
Overclocking and/or Undervolting AMD processors and memory, including without limitation, altering clock frequencies / multipliers or memory timing / voltage to operate outside of AMD's published specifications will void any applicable AMD product warranty, even when enabled via AMD hardware and/or software. This may also void warranties offered by the system manufacturer or retailer. Users assume all risks and liabilities that may arise out of overclocking / undervolting AMD processors, including, without limitation, failure of or damage to hardware, reduced system performance and/or data loss, corruption, or vulnerability.

Meer informatie
EAN 4713294234872
Vendor ID F5-6000R3036G32GQ4-ZR5NK
Totale capaciteit 128 GB
Aantal modules 4 Modules kit
Klok Frequentie 6000 MHz
Voltage 1.4 V
CAS Latency Latency 30
Heatspreaders Nee
Minstens 2 jaar carry in garantie

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* Lifetime = Zo lang het product gefabriceerd wordt bij de fabrikant.

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